Ben was hacking the Speeditrix.

Ben: Come on. I need Four Arms or Humunguosaur or somethig.

An explosion happend and XLR8 and Fasttrack got out.

XLR8: You are a rip off of me!

Fasttrack: No I'm just a stronger better newer version of you!

They growled at each other and fought. XLR8 whacked into a wall with his tall. Fasttrack smashed XLR8 into the ground they raced around Ben's mansion fightting and threatening as they go.

Ben: Oh crap!

He transformed.

Ben: (Transforms) Goop!

He tied up the two maniacs then scanned both of them to re-unlock them.

Goop: Now you can go kill each other. I bet 20 bucks on XLR8!

Fasttrack: Hey! XLR8 let's team up to defeat Ben!

XLR8: Yeah!

They both growled at Goop.

Goop: Once again. Oh crap.

To be Completed